About us

The Godfather Fund, as the biggest Fund in the world (you can read the Fund’s history here) can do any type of transaction whether it is server or swift transfer. Multiple teams of lawyers and experts in finance and IT are working for the Fund to make it the most reliable one in financial transactions.
Godfather Fund has strictly observed the rules and regulations of international banking system and will continue to do so in future. The Godfather Fund can be both sender and receiver. When the Fund is going to be receiver we will do all kinds of verification to ensure that the origin of the sender’s money is clean and clear.
This is the official website of Godfather Fund and it’s email address is the only way to contact us.

  • +1 (424) 425 9526
  •  info@Godfatherfund.us



Godfather Fund has been designed by the World Banking System with the Solar System and Solar System Fund project since 1820, and it gives you the exact information for knowing this global project.

At the beginning, this working group had few funds and financial gains, but it achieved tremendous fortune by being in today’s trading system. As a result, many Financial Holding and Financial Trading Companies have helped this working group, and we should thank them for their guidance and consultation which minimized the operational errors. In this regard, many banking and legal advisers have had important roles in achieving the goals of this working group over many years. This group decided to use different security protocols from all over the world to protect its project. Some of them are as follows:

  • Choosing specific banks as the sending bank connected to a server and an account connected to the bank’s server for facilitating the function of transferring financial resources.

Fund’s procedures for currency transfers are as follows:

S to S

F X 4








  • Deploying multiple terminals, servers and its interrelated subcategories:

In this regard, many large companies have helped us and provided many primary and secondary servers and terminals for us which leaded to the accumulation of huge funds from the surplus profits of prosperous business activities.

  • Providing bandwidth and connecting terminals to servers in the countries of five continents.
  • Cooperation with the four World Banks and two Factor Banks, which are used as the main gold repository for keeping Gold and converting money into Gold. It is worth mentioning when the need arises, it will be converted into currency resources when it is transferred by SWIFT methods.
  • Contracts with international real estate companies as part of the set for the purpose of the strategy defined by the Task Team.
  • Cooperation with the Vatican and international charity organizations.
  • The organization and planning of the capital of this complex in the world and Prime Banks of the world called Solar System on the servers used in this complex.
  • Planning and coding are done by using special protection codes which appear in numbers and letters.
  • Given the fact that Fund is not a registered legal entity and has a private aspect, banks are reluctant to work with Funds and are concerned about being swallowed by Funds. As a result, Funds are forced to use companies which are Fund’s representative and don’t have a high financial balance, and they are used only as terminals or channels for transferring funds in contracts.
  • This system is familiar with the professional hacker system in the world and has considered many ways to protect its financial resources.

All companies that have been registered as banks or other companies that are now called “sender” in transferring money do not have any accounts, and all foreign currency transfers through financial resource of the trade of 78 companies, which are the subset of Fund, and the companies incorporated in the contracts do not have any financial benefits, and they have no role in relation to Officers, banks, transmission procedures, and commenting on contracts and currency transfers. Representatives and companies vary in different periods and seasons.

Aims of this working group:

  • Carrying out all humanitarian projects around the world.
  • Investing in all development and infrastructure projects of Third World and Developing countries.
  • Giving Funds as a loan to Third World countries or participating in their strategic projects.
  • Investing in all research and educational projects.
  • Investing in national resources and reserves around the world.
  • Investing in aerospace projects.
  • Establishing bird banks around the world to absorb and transfer cash resources.
  • Promoting World Peace.

Because Godfather Fund holds most of its Fund in the form of gold accounts, the majority of sent documents with numeric characters are in the form of Gold’s securities, and these documents and Gold’s documents are kept under the supervision of the Boillon officers, who have special codes. This Gold can be converted into money based on the law of LMB by entering the London Stock Exchange room.

All Fund’s contracts are executed by the supervision of Federal Reserve and the world’s bank based on Fund’s special code (Euro clear, Federal Reserve code and Money Export code) with PVJ which creates a security domain for the sender and the receiver.

Godfather Fund, in addition to its main role as a sender, plays a subsidiary role as a receiver, and it is ready to enter into a contract for obtaining financial and currency resources (Normal SWIFT), and installing the most trusted platform with the highest profits. Furthermore, its servers are prepared to receive real money in boxes and capsules (IP/IP and IP/ID) Net SWIFT, KTT, SWIFT WIRE (Credit and Cash).

Godfather has started its operations with the representative of contracts (EDIL system) since October 2015 to December 2016.