Foundation of Godfather Fund


In 1973, a Consortium of few countries including Germany, France, England and United States agreed upon the design, structure and Foundation of Godfather fund. Institutions of Freemasonry and Legionary were also present at top ranks of decision making in Consortium.

The Godfather Fund is legally and financially owned privately by Shakerdoust family. This Consortium has main role in world’s financial and economical market regulation and when the world market fluctuates, the Consortium uses the resources of Godfather fund to control it.

Based on the agreement signed in 1975 by main owner of the fund and the consortium,


1) 5% of the profit gained as the result of transfers will granted to charity.


2) Other 5% will be granted for scientific research, universities and helping developing countries to improve academic and educational development.


3) A sum of 5 to 10 percent of profit instead of being given to banks as tax, will be paid to Fund’s charity which is affiliated to Vatican, and the Vatican will use it for humanitarian purposes.

The rest of profit will be returned to Fund’s accounts to be used for gold trade. Gold is the main trade of Godfather fund and it is known by gold.

Godfather fund possess code of money export, code of EuroClear and code of federal reserves of United States.

Godfather fund has 8 trades of 1836 holding companies from which 6 transactions resulted from trades will be returned to the circuit of companies activities and the other two transactions will be saved in Godfather Fund’s server as swift code 103. The Fund’s budget is calculated and assigned by world bank in February every year and the consortium also sign it.

The owners of Godfather fund govern and administer it totally privately and with full authority and the consortium just uses Fund’s resources to manage the world economy.

Some parts of gold trades of Godfather Fund after being qualified by LMB London and under the supervision of Bullion officer, will be turned into gold bullion and every one tone of gold after being refined will be transformed into a certificate and it will be kept in world bank’s safe boxes. Credit Bank of Switzerland uses these gold certificates as it’s Credit. The main credit line of Godfather fund is due to these gold certificates from which the Godfather Fund can issue BG, SPLC, LC Usance, Bank Guarantee and so on.

Foundation of Godfather fund is a subdivision of the Fund and has no authority on the accounts of the Fund. It can take part in Fund’s Transactions only when it is necessary and after Godfather gives such permission to do so.



Godfather Fund has many accounts with huge financial resources in many countries and sometimes with the permission of main owners of the Fund, the consortium or the Foundation uses them to prevent fluctuations in the markets.

In many cases Godfather fund has to pay the taxes of financial resources which it has not used for trade or transactions for a long period of time.


Solar System Fund

This is one of the biggest and most important funds of Godfather. Solar System is the index of Godfather fund and all the server capsules and boxes of the fund are named after planets and moons of solar system. The names of all planets and moons of solar systems fund have been registered in Deutsche bank of Frankfurt. The capsules have been named after planets and the boxes inside them have been named after the moons. The sun is Solar System Fund itself. These capsules and boxes are kept under a complex security system. Godfather fund has no company in the name of solar system, as it is a fund and not a company, but unfortunately it can be seen that some profiteers have founded companies with names like Solar System Ltd., Solar System mgbh, so on and are doing fake transfers. They have nothing to do with Solar System Fund

Godfather fund has 1836 holding companies but never uses any of them as it’s affiliated sister company in financial transactions. In financial transactions those companies are used which have no common financial activity record with Godfather fund. They will be benefited 0.5 to 1 percent in every transaction.

Godfather fund has the biggest financial bandwidth in the world which is located in Liechtenstein and as a result of that, it can do the biggest transactions in the world.

Godfather fund is neither a foundation nor an company or institution. It is only a Fund. The Foundation of Godfather is a subdivision of Godfather fund which under the supervision of the Fund, help for planning and administering the Fund’s activities.


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