Welcomes the Solar System Working Group with the Solar System project. In order to realize its

importance and the importance of the Solar System project, which was originally designed by the World Bank in 1820, it provides you with the tools for understanding this global project. To give.

The group has initially achieved tremendous fortune with very little initial investment and financial positioning, with the aim of helping the holdings and financial trading to help the group appreciate all of these loved ones around the world. They were able to minimize the administrative errors of the project with advice and advice and, in this regard, banking and legal advisers over the years have had a great role in realizing the objectives of this working group and its project. The group decided to use various security protocols from around the world to protect its project, some of these security protocols are as follows:

1- Selecting specific banks as money transfer banks that connect to a server and account

attached to the bank server that can easily handle the transfer of funds in five ways in the world.

1-1- s to s

1-2- F X 4

1-3- S P P

1-4- SWIFT

  1. Assigning multiple terminals and servers and related sub-categories:

In this regard, our large corporations helped us provide a lot of servers and terminals.

  1. Collecting large amounts of profits from surplus profits from large business activities.
  2. Gain and bandwidth, connect terminals to servers in five continents.
  3. Cooperation with the four World Bank and the two operating banks that are used as the main reservoir of gold storage (converting money into gold)

It should be noted that, when needed, this gold backing will be converted into currency resources when transferring SWIFT.

6- Use the gold and securities depository repositories to set up and appoint a boillon officer.

7- The provision of gold nanosized notes is based on stocks held in the four primary banks and two operating banks, and the maintenance of those documents in a special fund at the Federal


  1. Cooperation with the Vatican and the international observatory.
  2. The organization and planning of the capital of this complex in the world’s banks and worldrenowned solar system on the servers used by this group of companies under the contract of the subject of row -7, which these companies did not have a high financial transaction and are not considered major companies .
  3. Use special protection codes programmed and coded in numbers and letters of 16-12-8-6-4 digits.
  4. This collection transfers its funds in the following ways:

11.1 – Accounts to your account via swift.

11.2 IP – IP

It should be noted that some of the banks’ accounts, for example, Deutsche Germans, HSBC Hong Kong and Singapore, lack financial resources and are only used as terminals or channels for the ransfer of funds in contracts.

IP-IP method:

All major financial resources in the world in virtual banking are migrated through the server.

– Details of transfer of funds by IP-IP method

In this method, the transfer of financial resources is in figures, which is passed through the largest funds and the money is cleared and entered into the Bank’s electronic section (IBAN KING) and entered via the server of the account of the account of the account connected to the bank server, touchable And can be exploited via SWIFT code -103, In this method, it is very important that UP

LOAD and DOWN LOAD be less than eleven minutes, and that the Officer should provide all the lines of this transfer to direct the money to the issuer’s account, and with the order of Officer

Sender At the instant of uploading it, download it immediately.

Important note :

A text from Mr. Peter Frose’s review of this work has been sent to the group that addresses all the realities of virtual banking to address the ambiguities that have come to her.

  1. If the Edil System (the work of the SOLAR SYSTEM group) is using the National Bank of Kenya, the MONEYTIZER bank, to use Deutsche Bank funds, Kenyon Bank Group’s team is more powerful and powerful than Edile’s system for transmitting it. Deutsche funds are through its server, and can do so without the need for any federal or international loan from the World Bank and the Federal Reserve without the need for Edil’s company.
  2. This collection is familiar with the professional hacker system in the world and fought at all stages to protect its financial resources.
  3. Another ambiguity is Mr. Peter Frose’s failure to declare “Windows Time” to the Canadian Bank, according to their friends, EDIL SYSTEM SRL does not have any funds, and no bank account

has been registered at Deutsche Bank.

In the answer, I must say: Yes, account number: 947259564 belongs to the accounts that belong to the companies of the account, and through the comment of the account connected to this account, which is connected to the bank connected to the server, the transfer of all funds from this account takes place.

  1. The main account of EDIL SYSTEM SRL is in Austria, but no transfer of funds from this group of companies accounts in Austria, and all transfers are made from Deutsche Bank Germany.

If Mr. Peter Frose is worried about the transfer operations at Deutsche Bank, we have the ability to replace the channel to transfer the huge financial resources Kenya needs from another server in another country.

  1. This group’s work can be transferred to the Dollar and the Euro in the first transfer of up to one hundred billion dollars/Euros in order to achieve its financial capability.

Not only from Deutsche, but also from all the world’s leading banks that are connected to the server. – The reason for not declaring WINDOWS TIME to transfer funds to Mr. Peter Frose is the failure to approve the work of an unstructured executive team by email:


On December 2, 2017, the group sent a letter to Peter Frose, in which he sent WINDOW TIME to carry out the transfer of his financial resources to his response to the demands of the group’s


* At the end of this work, the group has been formed from the capital of different countries. The goals of this work are:

1- Carry out all humanitarian projects around the world.

  1. Investing in all development and infrastructure projects of the Third World and developing countries.
  2. Receiving funds without source and purifying them from sources of funding.
  3. Investing in all research and educational projects.
  4. Investing in national resources and reserves around the world.
  5. Investing in aerospace projects.
  6. Establishing bird banks around the world to absorb and transfer cash resources.
  7. Promoting World Peace.