Godfather Fund was registered in Washington, DC, in 1875. It does not have any investors, shareholders and managers for general and executive decisions, and it acts independently. Furthermore, all contracts, agreements and executive activities are executed with the exclusive signature of Fund. Fund’s representative are companies that do not play any roles in the transfers and provisions contained in the contract. Godfather Fund has designed Solar System Fund for targeting its currency resources.

On or about 1870, at Deutsche Bank, the account was established in the name of GOSB1 and a credit line for his Holding Company which is connected to the common account of # AS8373 server. This account has been involved with over 78 worldwide known companies such as Airbus, Microsoft, Apple, etc. Some of these companies hold part of or in some cases all of their stock in the subject account. In turn the Fund invests those companies’ earnings into various investment vehicles such as Gold Trade, Currency Exchange, etc.

Shortly after in 1878 they registered the above name under GOSB2 and opened an account in Deutsche Bank Austria. The combination of these two accounts (GOSB1 & GOSB2) is known as The Godfather. Consequently due to the constant increase of the Account’s balance, limitation of availability of expanding existing account, having more members into the system and the high risks of hackers, the Bank transferred this Fund into various sized capsules which are held in Cyberspace. The Bank began using different methods within the system such as IP/IP, IP/ID, FX4 and SPP to transfer this Fund back in order to monetize and get back into the system. Amount requested is entered into the Bank’s server and transferred via MT103/202, which can be used throughout the Globe with any of the World’s top Banks, including Off Shore Banks.

The Fund is managed under The International Consortium, Federal guidelines and Euro clear Code. The Fund is backed by Gold and has its safekeeping. They are held within four prime Bank’s throughout the World and kept in F8 (Federal Security). At any time the amount of the Fund increases based on their own standard, they convert it to Gold and send to the same safekeeping. At any time the Fund requires cash; the Gold is refined at one of the World’s top refineries, and then sold on the London Market, at an approximate loss of 5%.

.A high percentage of the Fund is held in Euros and a small percentage is in US Dollars and Pounds. The location of the Fund is in the USA, in New York, Washington and Florida. Total number of capsules is Eleven.