All stages of the implementation are carried out in a step-by-step way on the website. No real and legal reference can perform the method of Fund’s execution, and it should be done via emails on the website and its various sections. The time announced on the website is not subject to moderation for each executive step. If governments and companies are not able to submit documents or complete incomplete documents at a stated time period, they must repeat the process of work from the beginning.

At every stage of the process, the work of each stage is provided by lawyers are controlled, and deficiencies and errors are communicated by a tracking code to the website by telephone, email or ways in virtual world.

The tracking code helps the receiver to follow the process of their work on the website by registered ID in all stages. Furthermore, they can communicate directly with the expert and the lawyer to solve the bugs and errors of work at any stages.

Funds and companies of contracts do not have any authorized Brokers or Mandates for making contracts, concluding contracts and determining the percentages which were agreed. All experts and lawyers are introduced on the website with images and special codes, and they are also identified by codes.

For making contracts in terms of transfer procedure, the documents sent by the receiver are fully controlled by website and the receiving Bank. After communicating with the officers and the final approval, a specific contract is placed at discretion of the receiver (Companies, lawyers by providing legal representation and representatives with an authorized certificate)

In each transfer method, along with the provision of a contract, a workflow, which is appropriate to the type of the transfer of the contract, is sent via email to the receiver, and that complete and accurate transfer is executed in accordance with the procedures. Before signing the contract, the executive procedure is fully done, and after signing by the receiver it will be delivered by the sender.

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