Transfer methods

Normal SWIFT

Transfer cash from one account to another account by using SWIFT code and SWIFT room in Belgium.



It is a Server-to-Server method and all documents, perfect money and numeric characters are displaced by electronic texting.



The transfer method is electronic envelope. The contents of the envelope are sent from several banks, and the Server’s officer has full control over the server line during the transfer.



SWIFT cash or SWIFT credit is a server and can be downloaded in banks which have a manual download system that has the ability to execute.



It can be executed in the form of a server or a normal SWIFT with FX4 code. (In fact, the money is converted from one unit to another.)


SWIFT Global Payments Innovation

Transferring normal SWIFT with a very high internet speed that passes all the steps in the SWIFT room in less than a second and is replaced in the least time in the receiver’s account.